Guide to Athlete Lab

What sessions should I do?

In order to get the most out of your training, the Athlete Lab Coaching Team have put together a recommended session guide to help you select the right sessions depending on your training goals or upcoming events. These have been summarised into four categories: Long distance; Middle distance; Short distance; and Overall fitness.

When should I do my first Functional Threshold Power (FTP) test

Because we train using power,  we recommend new members undertake an ‘FTP’ test as soon as possible before starting their program. The result of this test will give you a measurments in watts that is sustainable over 1 hour – your ‘FTP’. Once completing the test you will be able to train to an accurate percentage of power and heart rate that will determine the intensity of each session. The test includes a short warm up followed by a 20 minute effort by which your average power is calculated over, and multiplied by 95% to determine the FTP.

Athlete Lab session descriptions – What do our sessions achieve?

The sessions we offer at Athlete Lab are designed to work at different training zones. Each training zone corresponds to a different level of intensity, based on a percentage of Functional Threshold Power (FTP), heart rate, interval duration, and sometimes gradient.

There are nine key sessions on the schedule, each lasting from 45 minutes-2 hours in duration and varying in structure. Underneath each colour-coded session is a brief description of what it is achieving and the typical improvements you can expect to gain from them.

MHR = Max Heart Rate, FTP = Functional Threshold Power, RPE = Rate of Perceived Exertion