Performance Nutrition

Dr. Debbie Coughlin
MSc Applied Sports Nutrition, SENr,
UKAD Accredited Advisor

 The key to optimising your performance is to adopt an interdisciplinary approach, integrating training, recovery and overall health – nutrition is essential to all. Selecting a personalised nutrition programme can:

  • Augment your training, helping to maximise adaptations
  • Maximise recovery (so you can train optimally in your next training session)
  • Help maintain overall good health and reduce down-time after illness and injury

Whatever your goal (eg optimising power-to-weight ratio, changing body composition or selecting the right fuel for training), nutrition has an essential role to play.

  • Single Nutrition Consultation
  • • Suitable for a one-off event or overview of fuelling to optimise and augment training. This would also be suitable for athletes wishing to optimise body composition (notably fat loss)
    • Pre-consultation food diary and lifestyle questionnaire
    • 60min consultation
    • Results of dietary analysis and detailed nutritional recommendations specific to individual goals
    • Personalised nutrition plan
  • £200
  • Event/Competition Package
  • • Two 60min consultations
    • Session 1 – Baseline Nutrition: to ensure optimal intake of correct fuel (macro/micronutrients, hydration etc)
    • Session 2 – Training and Competition Nutrition: fuelling for and recovery after sessions, event strategies, travel strategies
  • £350
  • Body Composition Analysis
  • • 30 minute consultation
    • Body composition assessment to provide percentage body fat data (sum of skinfolds)
  • £100

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