Bike Mechanic

  • Small Service

  • £40
  • Includes full check over and set up of the bike, plus a quick wipe down. (No parts removed or replaced within this)
  • Mid Service

  • £75
  • Includes full drive train and wheel removal, clean, degrease and rebuild. Then a full check over and set up of everything. (Labour to replace external parts included. Excluding the cost of parts themselves)
  • Full Service

  • £110
  • Full strip down to the bare frame, including headset and bottom bracket. Complete clean and degrease before rebuilding from the ground up. (Excludes the cost of any parts required)
At Athlete Lab we have a fully qualified, Cytech certified mechanic on hand to carry out anything from small gear adjustments to full services, enabling you to keep your bike running with the efficiency you deserve.

Smaller specific servicing includes:

Bottom bracket service - £25
Headset service - £25
Gear service - £20
Brake service - £20
Minimum labour charge - £15
Post-crash assessment - £30
Other services available on request

For more information and to book a bike service contact Glen: [email protected]