Bike Fitting

Comfort and Efficiency = Performance

A good fitter aims to get you into an optimal position. This refers to the ideal position that allows the you to best accomplish all of your goals.

A good bike fit can help with a host of common cycling injuries, as well as improving comfort and efficiency. There are a number of factors which may impact your position.

Bike Fitting Services available

Body Positioning – £250 – 3hrs (split across 2 sessions)  – Discover where your bicycle contact points should be for optimum performance. Why? Delivers the greatest combination of comfort, stability, power, endurance available for you on your bicycle. A range of saddles including Selle SMP are available to test during fitting.

For Road, Touring, Time Trial, Triathlon, MTB, Cross, Track etc.

Foot Correction – £175 (including footbeds) – 2hrs – Human feet were never designed to push pedals on upright bicycles. They need help to deliver optimal power, efficiency, and endurance. *This service includes one of the world’s best cycling footbeds and is guaranteed to improve your performance and comfort.

For all cyclists including Downhill MTB, BMX.

 Discounted prices for Athlete Lab Members.