Our lab

Athlete Lab is a performance training centre specifically for cyclists, triathletes and duathletes (Multisport).  Athlete lab allows you to train scientifically alongside professional coaches. Our sessions are designed to help improve your rides on the road, track, mountains and trails.

1 Road bike position
2 Track progress
3 Real-time training data

1  Road Bike position

Our custom made Athlete Lab bikes are real road bikes that allow you to replicate your actual road bike, TT or triathlon riding position. We can set up your bike in the Lab just like your own bike.

2  Track progress

The power you generate on our indoor bikes is exactly the same as that which you can generate outside, which is why rides in the labs can be compared to outside Strava rides or TrainingPeaks.

3  Real-time training data

Watch your accurate real-time data; power metrics, heart rate, cadence, TSS and other key metrics on the screens in front of you as you train.

FTP Testing

Perform your FTP test (Functional Threshold Power) / Critical Power test (CP) at Athlete Lab under the supervision of our expert coaching team. See proof of your improvements with the data recorded from your testing in the lab. Use your FTP/ CP to ensure accurate and personalised training at the Lab.