What does Strength and conditioning mean? And how does it help me on the bike?

As opposed to general weight lifting or fitness, S&C is a well thought out program of exercise designed to improve specific aspects of performance. The goal is to target certain muscle groups with a specific combination movement types, resistance, and training load, to create a desired effect that will have a major impact on your riding, running, or swimming. Manipulating these aspects will alter the way it affects your performance. As the name suggests, S&C conditions the muscles into working in a particular way. In the same way, you can mould clay to make a cup to drink out of, or a plate to eat from, S&C moulds your musculature to cycle more efficiently, to run faster, jump higher, be agile etc. In the case of cycling, long low intensity or short high-intensity rides are not enough to effectively develop performance, they help, but to really progress as an athlete, replacing one bike session each week with a targeted strength session can have a massive impact on performance improvements.

This is one of the main reasons that here at Athlete Lab we are now introducing a whole new S&C schedule. More sessions, longer sessions, smaller groups and targeting for 4 different aspects of performance. We will now be providing a high-quality supplementary service to help push you to become the best athlete you can be.

Whether you’re returning from injury, looking to improve your general mobility or aiming to get the competitive edge over your opponents, 4 different types of N+1 sessions will meet your needs. 

ROMP: This session consists of 3 major mobility; principles; roller work, joint maneuverability, and targeted stretches 

Mountain Goat: Moderate intensity endurance based exercises. Designed to develop your ability to sit in heavier gears, to climb faster, and climb stronger 

Kerin:  Power based exercises, designed to improve acceleration and high-intensity breakaways 

Track Stand: Core stability and balance, an important aspect of efficient cycling, running and swimming.

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