Strength Training is a vital element of your cycling training. Both forms of training should be used alongside one another to maximise performance and training. However, in addition to strength training and cardiovascular exercise training, consideration of your flexibility and mobility should be incorporated into the program. Many people will neglect and forget the importance of flexibility and mobility.

It is common knowledge that with age we begin to lose a degree of flexibility and mobility within our muscles and joints. A number of reasons can be the cause for this, such as long periods of time spent in a chair that offers little to no stability, resulting in poor posture. Muscles, with age, will lose size and strength, therefore becoming less elastic and stiffer. Inactivity and a lack of exercise can be seen as one major cause of the deterioration and loss of optimal elasticity and natural suppleness. Consequences like muscle tears, aches, and pains along with reduced flexibility and mobility can all occur as a result of inactivity and where flexibility and mobility training are neglected.

We need to be able to understand and determine the difference between both flexibility and mobility. Flexibility is down to the amount a muscle can stretch, whereas mobility refers to the amount of movement within the joint. However, without a great deal of muscle flexibility, it is hard to possess a good level of joint mobility. Maintaining both should be seen as a vital part of a healthy and active lifestyle.

With a greater amount of flexibility and mobility, your ability to improve your muscle building potential increases greatly. This is because with a greater amount of flexibility a larger quantity of weight can be moved through an increased range of motion. The establishment between both the nervous system and muscle connection can increase by actively moving your muscles through a greater range of motion.

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