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How Nutrition Can Enhance Training and Performance


Whether you’re a cyclist or triathlete, I have witnessed many, including myself, go through blocks of training, where fatigue, illness and injury have been recurrent. When looking back at these periods, trying to define a cause, eating inadequately often comes up. This is why I approached expert nutritionist, Dr Deborah Coughlin to build a performance-focused plan for me in the build-up to Ironman 70.3 Denmark.

1.9km of swimming, 90km of cycling and finishing off with a half marathon… I was going to need to consume a lot of energy. A few questions came to mind though.  How much I should be eating and what sort of foods do I need to consume? Now one can quite easily google such questions but when you put so much effort into your training, it makes sense and is highly advisable to develop a plan which is individual to you as an athlete, and that is exactly what Debbie does. Performance focused nutrition with a practical touch, yet centred around you as an athlete.

As mentioned, competing in a half ironman event or any long distance endurance event, huge energy consumptions are required to keep you on track towards finishing the event. You could be in the fittest shape of your life but if you mess up nutrition on race day, then your body won’t allow you to benefit from the countless hours of training you have accomplished in the build-up to the race.


After the nutrition consultation had taken place, Debbie sent me through a practical yet highly effective plan to follow come race day, taking into account every critical moment of food and hydration consumption from waking up in the morning to recovering post-race. It gave me confidence going into my first half ironman knowing that a plan which I had simulated in training, as recommended by Debbie, just needed a matter of execution, so that I could focus on my performance and enjoy the experience!


Thank you, Debbie, for your expert nutrition guidance and helping me accomplish my sporting goals!

Zack Cooper
Head of Triathlon Performance