Meet our new Sports Nutritionist – Dr Debbie Coughlin

Debbie joins the Athlete Lab team as a Sports Nutritionist. Debbie has a MSc in Applied Sports Nutrition (with Distinction) from St Mary’s University (London) and a PhD in Chemistry from Cambridge University. She is a member of the Sport and Exercise Nutrition Register (SENr) and an ISAK Level 2 Anthropometrist (ie can accurately measure and monitor body composition).

Having built a successful career in Investment Banking, Debbie followed her passion for helping athletes achieve their goals by focusing on Sports Nutrition. Debbie specialises in nutrition for endurance athletes – cyclists, triathletes and runners, but has worked with many different sports including England Hockey.

The key to performance is adopting an interdisciplinary approach, integrating training, recovery and nutrition. Debbie brings her scientific training, experience, passion and enthusiasm together to help athletes achieve their individual goals. She can help you optimise your power-to-weight ratio, change body composition, build a nutrition strategy for training or competition and help you maximise recovery and minimse down time due to illness. It’s all about performance – and nutrition plays a significant role!

In her first Ask the Expert event, Debbie will give an overview of Sports Nutrition, looking at the key elements of nutrition for performance. She will also discuss why nutrition is integral to an effective training program, helping you optimise your performance and success.