Corporate Training Packages

Why train with us?

Training with us will give your employees a real boost and keep them motivated and healthy. We regularly work with groups to develop a competitive and fun training environment that will ultimately improve working relationships. We can also provide anonymised data on your staff attendance/ health improvements if you want to achieve a staff health goal.

  • Benefits for your staff

    • Inclusive training
    • Increased productivity
    • Reduced stress
    • Improved team morale
    • Improved confidence and safety on the bicycle

Corporate and Team Events

Our Event packages offer you the chance to reward your most valued clients and employees with a cycling experience they will never forget.

Athlete Lab will design and organise every element of your event. All aspects will be tailored to meet your needs; the course chosen, distance of the route, difficulty, refreshments and merchandise. Athlete Lab’s expert team of professional coaches will assist you every revolution of your ride.

We understand that the event is more than just the cycling, so we will ensure that every last detail is considered to guarantee your event has the ‘wow’ factor. We can arrange elements such as; pre and post ride refreshments, sport massages, strength and conditioning coaching, 1:1 coach interaction, Athlete Lab branded cycling kit, customised medals, race reports emailed to each rider and/ or loaded on to Strava and Training Peaks

corporate training

What’s Included?

Option 1 Corporate and Team events at Athlete Lab
Package DetailsBronzeSilverGold
Ride Time1 hour ride in the lab1 hour ride in the lab1 hour ride in the lab
Coached SessionYesYesYes
Performance profileBike reports emailed to each attendee and posted to Strava and Training PeaksBike reports emailed to each attendee and posted to Strava and Training PeaksBike reports emailed to each attendee and posted to Strava and Training Peaks
Athlete lab kit-Kit (bib shorts and jersey)Kit (bib shorts and jersey)
Nutrition-Drinks, nutrition and water bottlesDrinks, nutrition and water bottles
1:1 coaching packages--1:1 with either
- cycling coach
- strength + conditioning – sports massage
Post ride drinks and food--Full catering including beer and wine
Option 2 Race Night
Package DetailsRACE NIGHT!
Content1 hour of riding in the lab split into shorter team races
eg. Race night for 30 people (teams of 5 riders) on our 10 bank of bikes First round – 5km flat TT – knock-out Team 1 v’s Team 2
First round – 5km flat TT – knock-out Team 3 v’s Team 4
First round – 5km flat TT – knock-out Team 5 v’s Team 6
Fastest 3 teams + fastest losing team go through to Second round (Also, fastest female and fastest male competition in this round)
Second round – 4 km hilly TT – knock-out Team fastest 1 v’s Team fastest 2 Second round – 4 km hilly TT – knock-out Team fastest 3 v’s Team fastest
Fastest 2 teams go through to final round
Final round – 5km drafting mixed terrain team race
Coached sessionCoach x 1 + supporting team
Post ride drinks and foodCan be arranged at extra cost, per requirements


I am new to cycling- will Athlete Lab be ok for me?

Definitely! We set the difficulty level for each rider independently (and you can change it mid ride if it gets too tough). Our rides are measured as a percentage of your own threshold power, so everyone can do the same workout no matter how experienced they are.

Do I need to bring my own bike?

Absolutely not. Come in for a ride on one of our state-of-the-art Adjustabikes.

Do I need to have cycling shoes?

We have cycling shoes you can borrow in the lab, but all of our bikes are fitted with Shimano pedals – so bring your cycling shoes with Shimano cleats if you’ve got them.

Terms and Contact

Terms & Conditions

A 50% deposit is required to secure your booking.
Sessions can be cancelled/ rearranged up to 48hrs before the session.

Contact details

If you have any questions or would like some further information please give us a call (0207 2836236) or send us an email ( Alternatively, come down to the Lab and one of our team will be happy to chat through any questions you might have.