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The great disc debate!

It’s by no means new information that several companies are moving to the dark side of Road Cycling and releasing their new range of high-end road bikes with disc brakes. This has sparked questions as to what the pros and cons of this somewhat controversial switch over are. Well, I’m here to shed a little […]

How to Structure your Season, Head of Performance Tom explains all.

Planning Your Season

To reach your full potential and make the most of your training in 2018, it is critical to have structured systems and methods in place that allow you to obtain peak performance. We all have busy work, social and family lives that our training needs to fit around. The key to success is to use your training time both in the lab and out on the road wisely.

How Nutrition Can Enhance Training and Performance

  Whether you’re a cyclist or triathlete, I have witnessed many, including myself, go through blocks of training, where fatigue, illness and injury have been recurrent. When looking back at these periods, trying to define a cause, eating inadequately often comes up. This is why I approached expert nutritionist, Dr Deborah Coughlin to build a […]

Coach Zack’s Journey to Challenge Lisboa with Team Hatch

I am fundraising for Great Ormond Street Hospital Charity in an effort to give seriously ill children and young people a better opportunity to excel in life. As a 22-year-old elite triathlete, I first entered the sport of triathlon after being inspired by London 2012. Inspiration is an overwhelming power of sport but what I […]

Getting back into training!

So, you’ve eaten too many Christmas puddings, your mother in law, Aunty Susan and Cousin Dan all bought you chocolate (it’s rude not to eat a gift of course), the weather was average and you preferred to play soccer with the kids rather than ride outside. Sound like something you can relate to? No need to stress, below are a few tips that will help get you back to feeling fit and on the right track toward reaching your 2017 goals.


OMNIUM are a brand new online store bringing together a curated selection of independent brands making high performance road cycling apparel. OMNIUM will be sponsoring some of the Haute Route climbing sessions, starting from Thursday 14th July. Every rider taking part will get an OMNIUM goody bag, and there will be a chance to see some of the kit or try it on.

Shane Sutton update

Athlete Lab has a long a successful partnership with Shane Sutton based on his successful coaching methods. These methods have been formulated over time from working with Olympic gold medal winners and Tour de France champions over more than 2 decades.

Meet our new Sports Nutritionist – Dr Debbie Coughlin

Debbie joins the Athlete Lab team as a Sports Nutritionist. Debbie has a MSc in Applied Sports Nutrition (with Distinction) from St Mary’s University (London) and a PhD in Chemistry from Cambridge University. She is a member of the Sport and Exercise Nutrition Register (SENr) and an ISAK Level 2 Anthropometrist (ie can accurately measure […]

Ask The Expert. The importance of Strength and Conditioning for endurance athletes

The demands of endurance races and events have increased steadily throughout time. Coaches and athletes continue to identify and improve the elements of training that allow athletes to deliver faster times over longer distances and in more extreme conditions. As a result, Strength and Conditioning (S&C) has developed into a vital component for today’s competitive athlete.

The 3 reasons every athlete should include S&C in their weekly training schedule, whether competing seriously or simply riding for fun are outlined below.


The key aim of base training is to build a good endurance base and build strength so that later in the season you have a solid base on which to fine tune your racing speed. Imagine you have two engines, one engine is for speed and the other engine is for endurance. It’s great to have speed on your bike but do you have the endurance to maintain that speed through a race or sportive? You need both engines to be both strong and efficient.